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Today’s threats won't stop with technology alone, with our guidance you will be able to mitigate threats & risk, and get back to business.


Some of Our Expert Security Services


Need help training your team on security? Let us help you with your teams security awareness and more.


Need help designing or developing a security program, security system, polices, and procedures? Let us help you build or renew what you have in place to help lower liability and increase profitability.

Design & Development

Want to prepare your team or family for anything that could come your way? Let us help you make a plan for anything that could happen.


Want to make sure that your business or residence is as safe and secure as possible? Let us come do an assessment to help you look at every aspect of your security.


How are you and your team with negotiating contracts, preparing documents, and managing your security? Do you need an expert witness or somone to   consult for you?  Let us help with managing your security needs.

Analysis & Testing

Do you know the best way to lower your liability and increase your profitability? Let us analyze your gaps and test your strengths and weaknesses.

about us

The Fuller Security Story

Fuller Security Solutions was founded by former military and law enforcement professionals. Our team has years of experience securing highly sensitive areas, businesses, housing complexes, and large-scale events. Due to the growing threat, we face in our everyday lives our founders created Fuller Security Consulting to provide the same level of security in our communities as our men and women in uniform provide for our most sensitive areas...

Excellence in Security

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What sets us apart from the competition?

Why hire Fuller Security Solutions? By hiring Fuller Security Solutions you will be able to fully understand your security risks and how to combat them in the most cost effective manner. Our consulting team is filled with security experts, MBAs and business owners that understand meeting the bottom line and budget constraints.
By hiring us we will save you money on your security needs so you can focus on what you do best whether that be conducting business or providing a happy home for your family.

Guard Force Training

Teaching risk reduction & force techniques to maintain control, keeping everyone safe.

Penetration Testing

Analysis & assessment of vulnerabilities in cyber & physical system alike.

Employee Screening

Find the right candidates with our comprehensive screening and interviewing techniques.

Firearm Consulting

Services responsible for firearm maintenance, procurement, training, and beyond.

Overview of past projects

Fuller Security Solutions has highly experienced staff that has assisted governmental organizations in creating security guard hiring programs, establishing guard distribution plans, as well as developing and executing guard training certification programs for multiple highly secure government sites. 

Governmental Co-op

Fuller Security Solutions staff have experience in developing emergency action plans and training programs for active shooter events for multiple organizations to include schools, hospitals, businesses, and government facilities. 

Active Shooter Prevention

Fuller Security Solutions personnel have years of experience conducting physical security assessments of government facilities, businesses, and health care facilities. 

Security Assessments


Answers to all your questions

A security consultant provides clients with expert security advice that increases an organization's profitability while reducing its liability.  All organizations possess critical assets such as people, property, and information.  Organizations must safeguard those assets to perform optimally and achieve mission success.  Security consultants assist clients in finding the best security practices that align with their organization's mission, goals, and culture.  Achieving security is not difficult, but achieving security that does not hinder but rather compliments an organization is more nuanced, requiring professional consultation.  Organizations need security that helps them achieve their goals and make them more successful.  Security consultants use their expertise to make your organization perform more optimally.   Click here to learn more “link to Who we serve”

When choosing a security consultant for your business, it is crucial to take into account several key factors. To begin with, the security consultant should be able to decrease the liability of your organization by mitigating security risk and preventing any potential hazards or threats. Additionally, in order for your security consultant to effectively align with the mission, vision, goals, and culture of your organization, they must be highly knowledgeable about the unique needs and priorities of your business. Ultimately, a security consultant that can deliver measurable results while also supporting and empowering your team is the one that will help you achieve both profitability and success as a business. So when considering security consultants for your company, be sure to do your research, ask lots of questions, and choose wisely! Click here to learn more “link to Who we serve”

  • Apartments and Condominiums
  • Architects
  • Attorneys
  • Casinos
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Corporate Headquarters Facilities
  • Courthouses
  • Engineers
  • Federal Government
  • Home Owners Associations
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Institutes
  • Hotels and Hospitality Venues
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Libraries
  • Local Government
  • Museums and Cultural Institutions
  • Non-Profits and Charitable Organizations
  • Parking Facilities
  • Private Residences
  • Private Schools
  • Public Schools
  • Retail Stores
  • Shopping Centers
  • Shopping Malls
  • Stadiums and Sporting Venues
  • State Government
  • Warehouse Distribution Centers
  • Banks
  • Other Clients

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